Wings, Worms and Wonders - Outdoor Fun For All Pods

Collect your seeds

Find as many seeds as you can and collect them

New plants

New plants from old

Mrs CASWELL shows how she has managed to create new plants from old

Turning taps off

Help the environment and save water

Renew plants

Don’t just throw away old plants... you can renew them by either collecting cuttings or seeds


To use shape, tone and colour to create a pebble painting

Ryan Jones -Keep Gower Beaches Tidy

Ryan and his young family are trying to encourage people to take their own rubbish home with them and care for their environment

Looking after our planet

After looking at all of your environment survey answers from last weeks quest ...And being inspired by Ryan Jones and his young family ( clearing up Gower beaches). I would like you for this weeks nature quest to record your ideas about how we can help the environment using some of the lessons we have learnt during our family time during lockdown. Eg walks with your family, cooking new dishes, more gardening with the family, recycling our own clothes, reduce, recycle and re use.

Create a ‘Nature Picture’ using weaving techniques

Weave string back and fore over your wooden frame and then go on a nature walk and collect items that can be woven into your frame. Please spend 5 minutes to complete the nature survey.

The 2 metre challenge

On your walks look out for things that are approximately 2 metres

Yoga for Pod Penguins

Mrs Joseph and Billy The Badger try some yoga in the garden!

Data Handling - Bar Graphs

Collecting and sorting different coloured leaves to make a pictogram that can be used to create a bar graph

Making a ‘Nature Viewer’

Look closely at the nature around you. Focus on specific viewpoints. Investigate how to edit and enhance your photography skills.

4 figure and 6 figure grid references

Mrs Joseph shows how to find places on a map using grid references

Watch the Little Princess using her map work skills

Make your own trail using sticks and stones

Watch to see how you can make your own trail around your garden or outdoor space.

Scavenger hunt

On your daily walks, take a scavenger hunt activity card with you and find lots of interesting things

Story of Peter Rabbit

Listen to the story and picture in your head WHERE the lants would go in Mr McGregor's garden

Plants Natural Superpower

Find out how to use the natural dyes of plants and leaves

Come outside with Mrs Joseph

Finding nature’s Superheroes in the woods. I wonder if you can find some and let me know what you discover !