Assemblies and Daily Worship 2020-2021

A Big Bag of Worries

It’s St David’s Day, but Ethel is worried. Mr Colourful help Ethel and Mrs C reads a story to help us when we feel worried.

Not Your Typical Dragon

As we prepare for our “Welsh Fortnight” Ethel want to learn about dragons. Mr Colourful thinks the best dragons are fire breathing ones. This week’s story teaches us that it’s ok to be different when we meet a little dragon who isn’t like his family and friends.

Adults in Our Lives

February’s right explains how every adult who works with children should do the very best for them. Ethel learns that when she is encouraged to try hard she feels good about herself, and Mrs C reads a lovely Anthony Brown Story.

Believe in Yourself

Mr Colourful teaches Ethel the importance of working hard and doing your best, even when other don’t believe you can. Mrs C reads “Chinwag’s Tale” where he is constantly told he can’t do things because he is just a dog.

Hapus Dydd Santes Dwynwen

Ethel and Mr Coulourful are grateful for their friendship, and Hairy Scary learns that a hug is the greatest super power that a monster can have. Give someone that you live with a big hug to show how much you love them!

You Can Be Resilient

Our right for January is to be the best you can be! But to do that we need to be resilient when things don’t go our way or when things are difficult. Ethel manages to climb a tree when she thought she couldn’t, and Mrs C reads the second part of Square Head. Square head and Chinwag enter the scary forest and meet a monster with his own problems. But everyone shows resilience.

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Gowerton Transition

NGP Remembrance 2020

Join the North Gower Partnership in their Remembrance Day Service 2020.

Gowerton Transition 2021

Watch this video to familiarise yourself with the staff, the layout and some past pupils ready for Gowerton 2021.

A Welcome Message from Mr N. Jones

Mr Jones the Headteacher at Gowerton Comprehensive School would like to welcome the current Year 6 pupils to the school ahead of becoming the new Year 7 class.

Welcome message from Ms K. Lawlor - Deputy Headteacher

Ms Lawlor the Deputy Headteacher at Gowerton Comprehensive School would like to welcome the current Year 6 pupils to the school ahead of Y7.

Head of Y7 Mrs King

Here is a welcome message from Mrs King the head of Y7. She discusses her role and also uniform at Gowerton and what you can do to get this.

Welcome From Mr W. Thomas

Head of KS3 welcoming Y6 ready for September.

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Pod Pry Cop

Expectations WB: 18.01.2021

Have a look and listen to the expectations for this week.

Introducing Mr Gribble

Mr Gribble is going to be working with us in Pod Pry Cop this term until February half term.

Application - Let's Get to Work!

Watch this video to learn about the different ways that you could choose to present your research and final persuasive piece.

Carbon Footprint Christmas

Should I put lights up this Christmas? What do your family think of light decorations? What if I generated some money for a charity? Would that be OK? Send me your ideas on how YOU can help reduce your carbon footprint this Christmas. Can you think of any other ways to reduce your carbon footprint this Christmas?

Literacy: Thursday Film Review

Film Review

Here is a fab example of a WAGOLL film review. How will you present yours?

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