Assemblies and Daily Worship 2020-2021

Together We Can Make Rainbows!

Imagine a world without colour? This week’s story teaches us that by working together the world is a much brighter, and colourful, place.

Too Much Stuff And Nonsense

Ethel is upset because she doesn’t have an XBox like her friend, but Mr Colourful reassures her that there are more important things in life. Mrs Caswell outlines 5 really important things we should value in life. We hear a story about two magpies that learn that stuff is not as important as their family’s health.


Ethel is proud of how she reacted in a kind way to finding rubbish left on the beach. Mrs Caswell tells a story about an act of kindness that changed the lives of many animals - for the better!

Can Do, Something New!

This week Ethel tries something new and discovers that she loved it! Mr Colourful explains that unless we try new things we could be missing out! And Mrs Caswell reads a story about Cefin the koala, who didn’t want to try anything new. Then, one day, Something terrible happens, and Cefin has no choice but to embrace something new.

That Warm Fuzzy Feeling!

Ethel gets a warm fuzzy feeling when she does something special for her Nanna. She and Mr Colourful discuss how kind words and actions make us feel so great. But how unkind words and actions make us all feel cold and prickly. The Warm Fuzzies and the Cold Pricklies is a story read by Mrs Caswell about a village who nearly lost all its happiness because of an evil troll.

The Problem With Problems

We all know that a problem shared is a problem halved! But do we know that small problems can grow into enormous ones if ignored? Mr Colourful teaches Ethel about the importance of talking, and Mrs Caswell reads a story about a lady who didn’t face up to her problem at all! Be warned, this story DOESN’T have a happy ending!

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Gowerton Transition

NGP Remembrance 2020

Join the North Gower Partnership in their Remembrance Day Service 2020.

Gowerton Transition 2021

Watch this video to familiarise yourself with the staff, the layout and some past pupils ready for Gowerton 2021.

A Welcome Message from Mr N. Jones

Mr Jones the Headteacher at Gowerton Comprehensive School would like to welcome the current Year 6 pupils to the school ahead of becoming the new Year 7 class.

Welcome message from Ms K. Lawlor - Deputy Headteacher

Ms Lawlor the Deputy Headteacher at Gowerton Comprehensive School would like to welcome the current Year 6 pupils to the school ahead of Y7.

Head of Y7 Mrs King

Here is a welcome message from Mrs King the head of Y7. She discusses her role and also uniform at Gowerton and what you can do to get this.

Welcome From Mr W. Thomas

Head of KS3 welcoming Y6 ready for September.

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